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"Grand Visions" // Daniel Cronson and Kehinde develop a magical blend of jazz and hiphop

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Daniel Cronson and Kehinde have given us something undeniably magical. Whilst embracing the power of Blues, Hip-Hop, and Jazz that flows through their luminous city of Chicago, they have conjured the mighty “Grand Visions”. The track is three and a half minutes of smooth, summery blues; guided by heartfelt, northside vocals and piercing, southside rhymes. Daniel works much of Grand Visions’s foundation; driving it with a few lovable chords from his guitar, backing keys, ambiance, and a slow-burning drum loop. The essence of John Mayer seems to possess much of his performance, as he glides soulfully across this production with “Continuum”-esque immaculacy. However, as brilliant as this single is with Daniel Cronson alone, it would be imperfect without Kehinde’s breathtaking bars. Lyrically, he reincarnates Daniel’s breakdown of the trials one faces in pursuing their dreams, by giving his own, in-depth take on the topic. What results is a magnetizing, new record for Chicago’s summer. One that will have you ready to fire up the grill out back, as easily as it fires up your soul.


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