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“I Wanted To Tell You” // Indian artist, Akash is next up with new hiphop album

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Day by day, the international rap scene is expanding. The most current addition to a nigh-endlessly growing roster, is Akash. This Indian born emcee is putting on for New Dehli; and his ten-track offering, “I Wanted To Tell You”, will definitely have the City of Rallies on the map. Already, India is known for it’s outstanding food, gorgeous religions, and even grander history and population. However, Akash is determined for its Hip-Hop potential to be equally recognized. He aims to achieve this acknowledgement through a collection of insanely musical records. Each track on “I Wanted To Tell You” totes its own, idiosyncratic flavor; proffering a unique blend of sounds to the overall body of work. Where tracks such as “Star Studded” (feat. ANS), “Can’t Wait” (feat. ANS), and “Deep” (feat. ANS & Risk) harbor sweet guitars, colorful pianos and other acoustic impressions; tracks like “Studio Therapy” (feat. ANS), “Nvi” (feat. Lea), and the closing cut, “Blue Oceans” (feat. Zaire & Rhondo) are more bass/808-oriented, molding solid, modern-trap anthems. Throughout, Akash proves to be just as versatile as the production backing him. On certain tracks he is unhinged, releasing a torrent of rhymes; whereas on others, he fades into the smoothest, melodious croons. No matter which style he’s rolling with, however, the fledging artist always brings his A game. If “I Wanted To Tell You” is all the proof we have, it is enough to establish New Dehli, and India itself, as the home of one of Hip-Hop’s next, promising, international sensations.






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