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“Open Season” // Asaru is killing the rap game with barz on new single

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Asaru just made a horror movie. With the drop of one, swift single, “Open Season”, he has killed the current rap game; and we could do little but watch. Nightmarish pianos, surrounded by crackling vinyl, slide the New York-born’s latest into your speakers. After thirteen seconds of this, rumbling 808s creep into the mix; eventually shoved into a ghostly acapella. Here, Asaru draws his lyrical butcher-knife. Through the initial stab of reckless, trap drums, the Tampa spitter explodes into a rage of rhymes. For the next three minutes, it seems as though he never falls back. Every line is a swift cut; every bar is a clever punch. He bloodies the current rap game by serving both generations: “new” and “old”, with a banger they can equally embrace. Whether you’re a fan of the latest of trap’s greatest, or lyrical ability of our greatest decades ago, Asaru shows us it is “Open Season”. And he will kill until he’s on the top.
The single is now available across all digital platforms.

“Open Season” on Spotify 
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