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SmokeTheGreat drops fiery new single “Bitchmetoo” ft. E.Willz and Netwerc

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As it seems, the warmer it gets outside, the hotter SmokeTheGreat’s bravado burns. So much so, that months ahead of the summertime, he has already released the most confident, stunt-worthy track of the sunny season, “BITCHMETOO”. Featuring guests E.WILLS, and NETWERC, “BITCHMETOO” is about as braggadocious as a Midwest banger can get. Seeing as most of the music in this region is largely focused on the extreme violence plaguing Middle America’s streets, this Flint, Michigan release is actually a handsome deviation. As each of these Goat Money Music rappers lyrically clown certain women’s boyfriends, while simultaneously flaunting their riches, influence, and boss statuses, they bring the Midwest mindset back to where it should be: on chasing a bag. Boisterous anthems like “BITCHMETOO”, through their radiating haughtiness, are precisely what light fires of ambition and the hunger for similar success within us. For, no one wants to be the one “talking like he’s got it, knowing he don’t” as perfectly mentioned in the second verse. Speaking of verses, each spitter on this thunderous, trap hit uniquely gives their all. As radically as their deliveries may differ, no one in Goat Money slacks with their pen. Their booming bars and FliCity flows will be the exact reason that, before summer has even arrived, “BITCHMETOO” is heating up your attitude and aux.

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