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“Chillin” // Leanna Love releases alternative RnB breakup anthem

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Inarguably, we have been blessed with a rich lineage of female, R&B talent. From the 90s/early 2000 smashes of the late, legend Aaliyah; to the eclectic slow jams of Janet Jackson, and celestial climb of Beyonce; every generation has had that songstress who completely captivates our hearts. Now, it seems the current generation will be blessed with their own. A Queen of Hearts, laying in the middle of the deck, just waiting to be shuffled to the top. That is Leanna Love; and if our words aren’t enough to convince you of her radiant potential, “Chillin” certainly will. Having flown from her nest in Chicago, to settle down in Arizona, this Midwestern songbird comes with her latest, modern-R&B bop, in aim to shake the game. A vibrant melody; contained by trap percussions and slamming 808s, creates a club-ready bed for “Chillin”. One on which Leanna’s mystical vocals can peacefully lay. The Chicago-born, Arizona-residing singer/songwriter utterly erupts across this record, writhing through harmonies and power vocals with peerless grace. A grace only comparable to the greats mentioned before; and that is precisely why “Chillin”, as well as any succeeding banger she plans to release, will soon have Leanna Love standing right beside them.

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