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“Take Hip-Hop Back” // J-Carter drops a fiery video for upcoming release of new album

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If New Jersey did not have a lyrical prince ready to ascend to their Hip-Hop throne before, they do now. He goes by the name of J-Carter; and with every stroke of his pen this year, the Garden State emcee has proven well-ready for the crown. J-Carter deserves much praise for his grind and indomitable work-ethic on his latest body of work as he gets loaded up to drop 38 new tracks for his new album, “Take Hip-Hop Back”.  The beauty of “Take Hip-Hop Back” is that it perfectly encapsulates two generations; two sounds of the New Jersey lifestyle. On one plane, it embodies the lyrical aggression, depth and bravado of the Redmans, Joe Buddens, and Treachs who built upon the foundation for East Coast Hip-Hop. On the other hand, it warmly embraces the sonics of today: boasting 808s, malicious, synth-based melodies, and jarring trap drums. This puts the nine-track opus on the ideal axis of a 2019 Hip-Hop album. It is, essentially, an onslaught of lyrical bangers; that in J-Carter’s own words, “...the people will have no choice but to hear...”. 

“Take Hip-Hop Back” on May 3rd

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