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“Gucci” // kevystaysnappin rides dark piano keys on certified trap banger

6:18 AMUSA Blog Network

Evil keys, an explosive trap beat, and endless, Georgian flow are all kevystaysnappin needs to serve us a dynamic anthem. For, that is what “Gucci” packs; and by all accounts, it is anthemic. Tailored perfectly for the entire culture of Southern Hip-Hop, “Gucci” is a sharpshooter of a single. Although hectic, with its pulsating 808s and pounding trap snares, kevy’s performance gives the record magnitude and direction. You will easily be magnetized by his almost never-ending bars; which sway through an ATLien inflection, and various, lyrical references to other Southern hotspots. There are even a few moments wherein his adlibs are pitched through a muddy, Texan, chopped-n-skrewed filter; only increasing his homage to the South. Such is why “Gucci” is a track that every state below the Mason-Dixon can embrace. Don’t be surprised if you hear this record banging from the trunk of the car beside you; or lighting up the southerly house party you just walked in. kevystaysnappin definitely has a hit.


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