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“There For You” // On-the-verge artist Justin Smith delivers new-age hiphop love anthem

2:53 PMUSA Blog Network

Love is in the air this Springtime. It is certainly light enough for “There For You” to float around: an amorous, trap ballad by the upcoming talent, Justin Smith. Clocking in at nearly three minutes exactly, “There For You” is as romantically moving as a 2019 banger can get. Emotionally, Justin wisps about with wings of autotune, chronicling his climatic ups and downs with a significant other. These introspective rhymes and his heartfelt delivery merge well with the melancholic instrumental surrounding him. As slowly as those pianos keys prance through your headphones, the passion of Justin Smith will pass through your soul. It is through this matchless ability to put his raw feelings on wax, that during such a tender season as Spring, Justin Smith makes “There For You” a playlist-worthy smash.

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