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“Mirror” // Quinton Jamar releases video for new banger

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“Now mirror, mirror on the wall...” is quickly followed by “Now, whose the gangsta of them all?!”; and in the blink of an eye, there’s an answer. It is none other than Quinton Jamar, decked in black and designer, presenting “Mirror”. With a video that has catapulted to over 10,000 views on Youtube, shot by ZEROSCOPE, this January single is poised to make a splash. This Alabama cut, whilst boosting a speaker-knocking, Zaytoven-esque beat, reveals Quinton Jamar at the top of his game. He channels his Alexander City flow through a hardbody inflection to tell exactly why the man in the “Mirror” is precisely who he claims to be. Accounts of hustling, struggling, and eventually striving in those Southern streets are plentiful on this single. When combined, the outcome is a booming, Yellowhammer banger. Give it until the summertime. Without a doubt, the same Quinton Jamar standing before the “Mirror” in this eloquent video, will be known from Alexander City to California. Before the end of the year, the rest of the country will likewise lend an ear. 

“Mirror” on Youtube 


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