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ATL HIPHOP >> J-Roc 3D drops anthem “Pull Up” for tax season

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“She said ‘I’m not that type of girl’ / So, I said, ‘What type of girl are you?’” By no means will you often-time run across a street-hardened, trap anthem dedicated to the ladies. A joint that real ones can innately relate to, and bump shamelessly for their significant other. To many, making a record that embraces both worlds is challenging; however, for Augusta, Georgia, J-Roc 3D, it is an effortless feat. Without breaking a sweat, J-Roc 3D has cranked out “Pull Up”: a four minute banger that blends the hardcore, Southern trap sound with lyrics that praise real women world wide. On “Pull Up”, the Peach State rapper fully embellishes a woman whose earned his unyielding affection. Through holding him down, this woman has J-Roc 3D ready to “Pull Up” on her parents and confess his love. As tender as these lyrics may be, the song’s sinister production and J-Roc 3D’s gritty, Dirty South delivery make its street-leaning allure irrefutable. It is a unique, Georgia smash, bound to be played on every block in Augusta and beyond. Although, Valentines Day has passed, you can still “Pull Up” and show your lady some gangsta love. Give it a spin, and peep the music video at the link.

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