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LA Sabree shines on new single "Half as Long (Twice as Bright)"

19 FebruaryUSA Blog Network

If this was the late-1990s, P Diddy and Bad Boy Records would not be able to resist signing LA Sabree. In dropping his grooving single, “Half as Long (Twice as Bright)”, this Philadelphia rapper manages to blast us back a few eras, to when Hip-Hop was at its zenith. Both sonically and lyrically, “Half as Long” is nostalgically supreme. The bounce of its slow-burning, funky, boom-bap beat is slightly reminiscent to hits that frequented 1997’s “No Way Out” and the posthumous, B.I.G. record, “Life After Death”. Somber, synth colors fly about the background, as a slippery bass-line and bounce of Golden Era drums push an East Coast rhythm into the track. LA Sabree is smooth on this record; spitting his verses and hook with an immutable air of grace, swagger and charm. He is as comfortable on the beat as he is in his cover art, which shows the emcee donning a tuxedo, perched on a stool, with a bottle of champagne beneath him. “Half as Long” is beaming with poise and confidence. The type that will take LA Sabree far even in this era of the rap game. He already has the presence of a star. 

Half as Long (Twice as Bright) on Spotify 


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