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Owen Mc Grory releases soulful new single “OHH Baby”

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On what was Hip-Hop founded? Funk. The early architects of this powerful genre used funk rhythms and samples as the baseline for their rhymes; and ever since, the two art forms have upheld the closest relationship. So close, that Hip-Hop artist of today still harken back to the danceable genre and honor it with their own, fresh creations. For instance, Owen Mc Grory, and his soulful “OHH BABY”. The Soundcloud single is an infectious party-starter; boosted by iridescent melodies and a radio-ready groove. The bounce of “OHH BABY” is ridden perfectly by Mc Grory’s rhymes. The Irishman rocks the pockets of his record’s old-school drums with a river-running flow. When an airy synth slides into the mix, signaling the chorus, our London-based talent launches into a series of energetic, funk-heavy chants. “OHH BABY” has a bounce that no audience can evade; and Owen Mc Grory honors this nostalgic beat with skills no Hip-Hop purist can ignore. He has been possessed by the spirit of Funk; and with it, he’ll be rocking parties all year long.

“OHH Baby” on Soundcloud 


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