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Philly G releases dope new EP “Light Sauce”

23 FebruaryUSA Blog Network

Three tracks is all Philly G needs to spice up your week. With an EP titled “Light Sauce”, produced entirely by Sub Q Taneous, this Boston, Massachusetts rapper establishes himself as an artist deserving the utmost applaud. He exercises versatility with this project; aiming the first two songs at his female crowd, and the last at those of us who appreciate introspective rap. Acoustic instruments are massive components of the sound of “Light Sauce”; sweet and mild guitars overtaking the trap inflections of “Wifey” and “Phony”. “Lemme Get That” is seething with luscious, piano melodies; fueling the themes of gentleness, warmth and intimacy that the project circulates. Each one of these records, likewise, are empowered by the passion of their emcee. Whilst keeping to his elegant sound, Philly G makes certain to cement himself as a rapper to be respected. His delivery never lacks conviction; and his lyrics are always scorching with a fire of attachment. Inarguably, Philly G is deeply connected to his music. Through that connection, comes a respect for that art that few in today’s climate equally possess. This love for the art is exactly what leads to the making of legends; and “Light Sauce” is a dip for Philly G into luminary potential.

“Light Sauce” on Spotify 


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