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MDAATH releases creative10-track hiphop album “MXD Pt. II” [Music + Interview]

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Go into MDAATH’s 2018 long-player, “MXD, Pt. II” expecting another typical, trap-rap album, you are in for a rude awakening. Do not be fooled by the clips of “Goodfellas” and “Blow” that commence the album; because the moment this Ohio rapper utters his first word, and that tranquil beat drops, your entire world will be flipped upside down. You will be suckerpunched by the intro, “Grade A”; and this onslaught will carry on for the next thirty-five minutes you are with him. MDAATH harbors his own, unorthodox way of creating a modern rap album. One that can not be easily compared to the artists and sounds that rival him. Granted, this Cleveland talent does dive into the commercial trap aesthetic with the speaker-slamming “Mexico” (feat. Donnell Kane), “Remain”, “Welcome 2 The Dusk”, and “Like That”; these jams are essential to highlighting the individuality of every other piece on the project. They draw your focus to the incredible boom-bap, lyricism and flow of “Ogz”, “Take Flight”, and “Get Up”; making you appreciate MDAATH’s noteworthy potential. With his unique subject matter, crossing topics of the streets, yearn for wealth, and praise of God; alongside his shining use of rhythm and melody, many of these tracks strike as songs only MDAATH could create. He absolutely has his own handle of the art of rap; and with the versatility displayed on this radiant “MXD, Pt. II”, he is only a handshake away from a mainstream break.

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