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Yvng Swag releases wavy newage love song “You the One”

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Summer must have hit Maryland a few months early, because Yvng Swag’s latest release, “You The One”, is as vibrant as it is sweltering hot. After only moments spent in the record, rocking to the bounce of a bright piano progression, and saucy, autotuned adlibs, the heat and color of this track become mesmerizing. By the time the first kick drops, and Swag flies into his melodious chorus, you’ll have to remind yourself that we are still in February. That is how torrid and translucent this banger is through ambiance alone. Perhaps it should come as no surprise; the DMV artist’s subject for the record is an awe-striking love interest. Yvng Swag devotes his two minutes and twenty seconds on wax to serenading this mysterious sweetheart, whose inarguably lit up his life. With every crack of a snare; every surge of sub-bass; every roll of hi-hats on this sunny, trap production, Yvng Swag unleashes another enthralling melody. He blends the tender topic of love and irresistible gravity of autotune, with a hard-hitting trap beat; and a Billboard-ready hit pops right out of that equation. This Maryland musician has already built a repertoire for garnering millions of plays. “You The One” will not be an exception.

“You the One”
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