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LOF BOSSGHETTO drops heartfelt trap single “94” Prod by DJ FLII

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“Sugar water, no koolaid in sight...” For any one well acquainted with living in urban, American poverty, these bars will shake a part of your soul. Although their rapper, LOF BOSSGHETTO, delivers them in s suave, autotuned blur, they pack a poignant punch. Such is the trend for many bars in the New York spitter’s recent release, “94”: an open-hearted, modern-trap hit produced by DJ FLII. The record is precursed by a sorcerous surge of ambiance and keys, which are eventually satisfied by the boom of a pristine 808. A snare backed by hi-hats and a sparkling triangle complete the beat; and once so, LOF BOSSGHETTO is free to glide. He wastes no time on “94”, hitting the mic with an undying fire the moment he hops on. Rhymes regarding his trauma and suffering, deaths of his mother and friends, and the crushing drug addiction of his father are plenty on the Tacoma-based artist’s new track. Despite how calm he is, you can feel the pain in LOF BOSSGHETTO’s voice, and it is inexorably moving. It wrenches you deeper into his story; until you, yourself, feel hurtfully apart of it. You have never felt agony like you will on “94”; and you will never hear another artist put pain together so pleasantly unless the talented LOF BOSSGHETTO is involved.

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