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BYND wavy new-age hiphop EP “PESONV”

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When you carve through all of the hustle and bustle, the speed of Time Square, and business booming down Wall Street, you’ll come to learn that New York City is a party realm at heart. The City That Never Sleeps becomes an oasis of clubs, house parties, and nightlife when the sun finally falls; and upcoming artist, BYND, fully embodies that spirit every time it comes. For, his recent release, “Personv EP”, is six-tracks of riotous, party-packed energy, fitting of the city he calls his own. Bouncing between Miami and New York, has given this “Surf-Rap” star an appetite for creating house-party bangers; all of which, illuminate totally on “Personv EP”. In 15 minutes, BYND unleashes room-shakers, such as “Selfie Luv”, “Ski Masquerade” and “S’pill”, stuffed between three other, titanic records that can equally turn up your venue. Albeit, the East Coast artist forwards a lackadaisical, “stoner”-esque flow, he delivers it with spirited, rowdy resolve. This gives each track on “Personv EP” an edge ideal for live performance; wherein BYND has the power to give his audience the time of their life. Through the speakers of a concert, and on the floor of your local club or function, is where this project will hit the hardest; and lead BYND to being the soundtrack of every New York night to come.

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