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Reggie Rock!t releases high tech love song "Online Dating"

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In the 21st Century, we are at a crossroads with technology. Particularly with the internet, we have witnessed this piece of advancement infiltrate every facet of our daily lives. Romance is a pivotal victim of this onslaught; and as much as Atlanta rapper, Reggie Rock!t, embellishes this new world of intimacy, he is undoubtedly aware of its peril. “Online Dating”, his Valentines Day offering, is all the proof we need. Over a vivid, yet hazy J-Sky production, our ATLien blasts off with a tumultuous story regarding a woman he met through the popular eHarmony. The well-rapped verses from himself and guest feature, Kege DeMorrow, flanking a melodious, pacifying chorus, aid Reggie Rock!t in criticizing the woman’s materialistic intentions; and proffer a deeper commentary on the damage to human interaction that these websites are causing. With each hit of the beats knocking kick and pronounced 808 snare, the Georgia spitter reiterates his own integrity, infallibility and self-worth. In a certain sense, he enjoys this fresh realm of intimacy, and especially maintains a love and appreciation for the opposite sex. However, he simply refuses to yield to the shenanigans that “Online Dating” brings. It is through that understandable embrace of the internet, neighboring the recognition of its consequences, that makes Reggie Rock!t new record so valuable. Bury yourself in its airy, ardor smoothness, autotuned hook, and relatable, lyrical substance; and you too will find “Online Dating” to be the quintessential love song of the 21st Century.

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