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C-ZAR (of G.M.Clan) shows 2 different sides on new trap album “DUALITY EP”

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When the national, musical spotlight was first shone on Chicago, the sound of the Midwest city was championed for its exposure of the roughness and violence that plagued its Southside streets. Windy City rappers were rocketed to fame through their ability to express themselves with “Drill Music”; however, since then, a change has transpired. Haven freed themselves from the trap of their war-torn neighborhoods, some of these artists have abandoned the vicious sounds that garnered them attention in the first place; opting for more conscious, introspective art. The change is so powerful, that it has even trickled back into Chicago, and myriad artists are becoming enthralled in positivity. One such rapper is C-ZAR. Although, his hometown is Kankakee, forty miles outside of Chicago city limits, he has been tormented by the same violence nonetheless. Yet, as his upcoming project, “DUALITY EP” will show, he is determined to change for the better. Slated for a March 27th drop, “DUALITY EP” is a call to the G.M.Clan rapper’s inability to escape “evil”, yet innate yearn to do “good”. He previews the sound with two singles, “Different Now” and “Duality (Intro)”. Both records feature guttural, “Drill”-esque production, contrasted by honest, reflective bars. Sometimes seasoned with autotune, C-ZAR dives into the “Duality” of his lifestyle, making certain to live room for the streets, as well as himself, in his lyricism. True to an ancient, Chicago philosophy, the rapper is aiming for Growth & Development; and “DUALITY EP” is his solemn pledge. If you can connect with the tales of a man stuck between right and wrong, “Different Now” and “Duality (Intro)” are perfect for you. When it drops, “DUALITY EP” just might be your favorite of the year.

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