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Rhyman drops lyric video for his powerful new hiphop song "Back In Time"

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“Consider this a class, a lesson you can’t miss!” Over the rumble of boom-bap drums, and modern-trap melodies, a voice soars stout and strong. It is RHYMAN’s; and, although it hails from Switzerland; its power is poised to shake the world. “Back In Time”, the rapper’s most recent, puristic offering, is exactly how. Nothing but three minutes and thirty seconds of mouth-watering, organic Hip-Hop is proffered on this record. As no true emcee should, RHYMAN wastes not a moment on “Back In Time”. Every pocket of this cinematic, Golden Era beat is filled with exceptional rhymes. Bars which are brought to life by the lyric video that accompanies them. On “Back In Time”, RHYMAN proves how far sheer talent with a microphone will get you. What a massive banger you can create simply through evoking your spirit into every line penned. Yet, you do not have to take our word for it. Press play and, by way of RHYMAN’s robust rhymes, watch the world rattle around you.


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