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Keisha Stewart releases newage RnB single “Ecstasy”

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Dissect the art of our female, modern-R&B stars — such as Kehlani, Summer Walker, and Queen Naija — and you’ll emerge with a new, heartrending lease on life. There is something so pure, so organically honest, about the trap-riddled love songs of these celestial songstresses; and Floridian up-and-comer, Keisha Stewart, is another fabulous example. Her latest, “Ecstasy” is a sparkling, modern-R&B anthem; alit by the poetry of a woman falling in love. In contrast to the massive, pristine production, Keisha’s lyrics are real and raw. Floating across the kicks, rimshots, euphoric guitars, and bubbly bassline of Yonas K Beatz, our Fort Myers vocalists completely empties her heart. Belts and harmonies, exalted by reverb and delay, fully convey every ounce of passion she has for a man with whom she’s finally ready to risk it all. It is a sentiment anyone breathing can relate to. Whether you’ve truly fallen in love, or ever found yourself caught in the whirlwinds of infatuation, Keisha Stewart’s romantic banger, “Ecstasy”, will speak volumes to your soul. 

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