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Maor Mo and Talib Kweli release good vibes on fun new R&B/Hiphop single “Karaoke” [Music + Interview]

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A latin guitar, seasoned by a wispy vocal sample and ad-libs from Maor Mo, himself, slowly spark his latest single, “Karaoke”. Featuring the undeniable, Hip-Hop legend, Talib Kweli, early into the record, “Karaoke” foreshadows its potential as a chart-topping, R&B hit. The flame shoots up the wick the moment our Floridian crooner busts into his initial verse: a fast-pace rhyme bouncing along steady percussion. Albeit, a captivating way to kick off an R&B record; the real explosion occurs the moment his first melody is vocalized. He incinerates icons, T-Pain and Drake, with a fiery, harmonized bridge that slides into a scorching, soulful chorus. This energy is forwarded into his succeeding verse; however, the instant an anticipated, “Black Star” someone graces the mic, all hell breaks loose. With a quick, yet classic verse that will certainly magnetize Hip-Hop heads worldwide, Talib Kweli brings the energy of “Karaoke” full circle. The emcee inertia Maor Mo kicked off this record with, flows smoothly into the legend; and from the legend, into this epic, radio-ready smash. As passionately as he references them on his hook, there will be no more “Karaoke” bars for this Miami musician. With a song like this he’s headed for a much bigger stage. @Maor

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“Karaoke” ft. Talib Kweli 
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