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Watch provocative new visuals for club banger “Centerfold” by Jasmine L'Chelle [Music + Interview]

22 FebruaryUSA Blog Network

Riding a nonstop 808, the flossy Jasmine L’Chelle is making a move for the Queen of Rap crown. It comes in the form of “Centerfold”: a banging, Los Angeles anthem, celebrating this Hip-Hop darling’s inextinguishable ambition. You can see it in her eyes as they flutter at the camera in the beginning of the single’s seductive music video. She is teeming with talent; evident by the way she can flaunt her glamour and curves, whilst slinging flows and bars like you have never heard. Her two verses are as lethal as they are alluring; carrying dangerous doses of uniqueness and originality. Between tantalizing her audience with hypnotic twirls and crawls, the Californian rapper offers rhyme after rhyme regarding her greatness, lavish lifestyle, and even a dream she had about Drake. Her inflection is truly what makes this record the banger that it is. Over the club-ready, trap production of “Centerfold”; Jasmine L’Chelle whips her own, distinct delivery, keeping the momentum of the song at a pleasurable constant. She never has to do too much. Her entrancing, braggadocious bars; novel flow; and irresistible charm, are all she will ever require. With that triple threat, she is destined for the throne.

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