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Hiphop/RnB duo, Majix is back with their new single “Thirsty” [Music + Interview]

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New York City R&B duo, Majix, is definitely on a mission to dominate both coasts. After a move from their Eastern home to the city of Los Angeles, they have released the titanic “Thirsty”: a piano-driven, R&B banger that sees both singers shine. “Thirsty” borrows elements from both trap and R&B, blending them into a jubilant rush of sounds. With 808s and snares running underneath cinematic progressions, the perfect foundation is laid for the duo’s vocals. And they deliver these impeccably. In a swirl of bliss and soul, Mea and Taylor soar across “Thirsty”. Their spirits are reminiscent of groups such as TLC and SWV; R&B groups who dominated last century. As their modern incarnates, these two are ready to dominate this one. They have the talent, the looks, and with their recent move to the city of dreams, location to make everything come true. Check out the latest single by the breathtaking Majix. We promise, by the end, you will be “Thirsty” for more.

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