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RK DMOB drops colossal trap single titled “B!+CH”

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The beginning of RK DMOB’s colossal single, “B!+CH”, is mellow and slow. Yet, the moment his voice collides with the mic, everything explodes. A North Carolinian whirlwind rips through the booth, leaving nothing but a trunk-rattling banger in its wake. “Diamonds on my neck, bitch! I run up a check, bitch!” RK DMOB is scorching the very moment the first 808 drops; rocking the chilled, rhodes chord progression with a flurry of modern-trap drums. A Houston twang, which has crept into the rapper’s delivery through eight years of living in the Lonestar State, wobbles at the end of each and every bar. The fusion of these two influences (North Carolina and Texas), into “B!+CH” make for the perfect Southern, club-ready hit. Whether he’s banging out of your aux, or blasting from the speakers of your local venue; one thing’s for certain: RK DMOB will be climbing the charts.

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