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Mokofourloko releases smooth RnB/Trap song "Friends"

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As Valentines Day nears, millions of us are trying to make things right with that special someone. For months the pain, heartbreak, and mistrust we have instilled in that person has festered uncontrollably, without any words to properly express it... until now. Now that we have a burgeoning, New York talent, Mokofourloko, blessing us with his new, sensuous single, “Friends”. Equal parts trap, and equal parts R&B, “Friends” verbalizes those exact feelings of remorse and romantic regret the millions of us could not. Across a lush, sparkling organ, heart-rending 808s, and a climatic, trap clap, our Jamaica Queens crooner unleashes a myriad of melodious bars detailing his own intimate downfall. An auto-tuned voice harmonizes with pitched up adlibs, easing Mokofourloko’s from a slow-burning, R&B jam, into picturesque, radio-worthy territory. “Friends” is written and constructed phenomenally; forwarding its own bounce, while retaining all of those heart-felt sentiments one would play it for; making it the ideal, Valentines Day banger. Not only will you reach an understanding with that special someone; but Mokofourloko’s passion, pain, and penitence, just might help you win them back. Give it a spin while love is still in the air.


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